Turbo a Model

Since we are all bored at home, why not buy some stuff.


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Replica – 3.0 GT Turbo A Toyota Supra body decal

The guys at nightrun garage have copied the decals for the TurboA. Not sure why they are showing them on a white supra… clearly looks like a terrible immitation, but if your *actual* turboA need some new stickers they might be worth a look, and look better than this white supra with turboA stickers!

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Another turboA found

This one has travelled quite some distance.
Original Japanese car, then to the UK, now in Switzerland and still looks extremely clean and tidy.



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Custom painted models

I stumbled across this last night and thought some other people might find it useful. It’s a website that will find and paint/decal a car to match whatever you want.

Image result for katcode3 supra smithImage result for katcode3 supra smith

So check them out here;

katcode3.com.au is the site



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Group A race car to appear at Toyota Nationals in Dubbo

The GroupA racing Supra from the 1989 and 1990 GroupA series will be appearing at the Toyota Nationals held in Dubbo annually. It’s held over the Easter weekend and is a fun packed event. Show and Shine on Saturday, Motorkhana on Sunday.

For anyone that can make, I’d suggest and recommend you go, it’s a great weekend now with the Group A Supra.
Check out the official Toyota Nationals page here: http://www.toyota-nationals.org.au/index.html

I would HIGHLY recommend you try book at the Matilda Motor Inn, 231 Darling St, Dubbo if you do plan on going as most of the entrants will be there and it’s a great atmosphere.



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More small, but, important progress on my car.

As part of the rebuild, we noticed the OS Giken triple clutch plate needed some work.
While the engine and gearbox are out this is easy to fix, just costly.

Anyhow, the refresh kit has been ordered.

Once the clutch is restored the engine will be installed, minus the loom and ECU which is due to be replaced.
Photos to follow of the new clutch assembly and hopefully of the engine actually fitted.

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