1990 ATCC – Round 1

1990 Shell Ultra Australian Touring Car Championship

Round 1
Amaroo Park, NSW

also Round 1 of the James Hardie Building Products AMSCAR Series
Circuit Length: 1.946 km
Race Duration: 50 minutes (55 laps)
Weather: Sunny and Hot
Position  Number  Entrant  Driver  Car  Race Time/Laps  Fastest Time  Qualifying Time 
1 2 Nissan Motor Sport Jim Richards Nissan Skyline GTS-R HR-31 50m43.98s 0m52.76s 0m52.58s
2 18 Shell Ultra Hi Racing John Bowe Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 50m52.18s 0m52.38s 0m52.16s
3 17 Shell Ultra Hi Racing Dick Johnson Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 51m01.36s 0m54.04s 0m54.14s
4 25 Benson & Hedges Racing Tony Longhurst Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 51m07.48s 0m53.72s 0m52.56s
5 5 Mobil 1 Racing Peter Brock Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 51m12.16s 0m54.04s 0m52.86s
6 9 Allan Moffat Enterprises Gregg Hansford Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 51m12.42s 0m54.42s 0m52.96s
7 6 Mobil 1 Racing Andrew Miedecke Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 51m14.44s 0m54.30s 0m53.64s
8 20 Benson & Hedges Racing Alan Jones Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 51m29.66s 0m53.54s 0m52.14s
9 8 Caltex CXT Racing Colin Bond Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 51m36.72s 0m54.92s 0m54.66s
10 21 Bob Forbes Corporation P/L Mark Gibbs Holden Commodore VL (TWR) 54 laps 0m54.74s 0m54.82s
11 11 Perkins Motorsport Larry Perkins Holden Commodore VL (TWR) 54 laps 0m54.38s 0m54.26s
12 35 Peter Jackson Racing Glenn Seton Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 54 laps 0m53.42s 0m53.28s
13 14 Murray Carter Murray Carter Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 54 laps 0m55.72s 0m53.70s
14 16 Holden Racing Team Win Percy Holden Commodore VL (TWR) 53 laps 0m54.56s 0m54.52s
15 23 Beaurepaires Motorsport Chris Lambden Nissan Skyline GTS-R HR-31 53 laps 0m54.98s 0m55.14s
16 55 Playscape Racing Kevin Waldock Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 53 laps 0m55.18s 0m53.96s
17 53 M3 Motorsport Peter Doulman BMW M3 52 laps 0m56.82s 0m55.08s
18 71 Toyota Team Australia John Faulkner Toyota Corolla 52 laps 0m57.24s 0m54.32s
19 32 Lansvale Smash Repairs Trevor Ashby Holden Commodore VL (HDT) 51 laps 0m56.34s 0m55.18s
20 42 Matt Wacker Matt Wacker Holden Commodore VL (TWR) 51 laps 0m57.66s 0m56.24s
21 24 Jagparts Racing Gerald Kay Holden Commodore VL (TWR) 49 laps 0m56.02s 0m55.00s
22 43 Brian Callaghan Brian Callaghan Jr Holden Commodore VK 47 laps 0m57.46s 0m55.78s
DNF 3 Nissan Motor Sport Mark Skaife Nissan Skyline GTS-R HR-31 26 laps 0m53.72s 0m53.02s
DNF 37 Brian Callaghan Brian Callaghan Holden Commodore VL (TWR) 18 laps 0m55.28s 0m55.30s
DNF 15 Toyota Team Australia John Smith Toyota Supra MA70 18 laps 0m55.10s 0m53.80s
DNF 98 Car-Trek Racing P/L Bob Jones Holden Commodore VL (TWR) 18 laps 0m58.22s 0m57.22s
DNF 52 M3 Motorsport John Cotter BMW M3 17 laps 0m57.74s 0m55.22s
EXC 69 Blue Haven Pools Reda Awadallah Holden Commodore VL (TWR) 48 laps 0m56.10s 0m55.94s
DNQ 27 Foodtown Supermarkets Terry Finnigan Holden Commodore VL (TWR)
DNQ 39 David Sala Richard Vorst Toyota Corolla
DNQ 33 Pro-Duct Motorsport P/L Bob Pearson Holden Commodore VL (TWR)
DNQ 78 Big Toys Motorsport Geoff Full Toyota Corolla
DNQ 36 Maurie Pickering Holden Commodore VK
DNQ 38 Mulvihill Motorsport P/L Tony Mulvihill Holden Commodore VL (TWR)
DNQ 76 Bob Holden Motors Mike Conway Toyota Corolla
DNQ 75 Dow Airconditioning Dennis Rogers Toyota Corolla
DNQ 13 Bob Holden Motors Bob Holden Toyota Corolla
DNQ 74 Alf Grant Racing Alf Grant Toyota Corolla
DNQ 30 Peter Jackson Racing Glenn Seton Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500

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