Turbo-A differences

Differences between a stock 1988/89 Supra and a TurboA Supra.

Thanks to Nick.T @ turbosupras.com, Sliding Elephant, Adam, Jazz and everyone else that helped compile this. If you copy it or use it please give a link back to here; don’t claim you came up with it.


Engine :

– Larger throttle body
– Unlabelled intake pipe of larger diameter (ie: no ‘3000’pipe)
– Compressor side turbo larger
– D-Jetro MAP system (Manifold Absolute Pressure)
– Larger CT26 turbo with the “E” symbol on Compressor Cover as identification
– Boost up from 0.48kg/cm2 to 0.55kg/cm2 (larger actuator)
– Unique ECU to match D-Jetro system
– Metal air cleaner box
– Larger inter cooler
– Oil cooler moved to center position, below turboA duct


Interior :

– Analog Dash (No digital) with 180KM/h Speedo, 6,500 RPM redline and max boost at +400mmhg
– Interior was Leather as standard.
– Black Momo shift knob & Steering wheel
– WITHOUT cruise control (as opposed to other mk3s)


Handling :

– Suspension Package upgraded (much stiffer than standard).
– Without TEMS – Toyotas adjustable suspension
– Black coloured alloy wheels “Saw blades” with 225 all round.
– Brake rotor with turboA unique ventilated holes on disk
– Front spring : 8kg / Rear spring : 3.9kg
– Front Shock : 280kg / 80kg (extend/ shrink @ piston speed 0.3m/sec )
– Rear Shock : 210kg / 65kg (“)



– Front intake scoop (known as the ‘TurboA’ scoop)
– turboA badging
– Blackened (smoked) turn signals
– Small sized side mud guard
– Silver Rear “TOYOTA SUPRA” emblem
– Available only in Black : colour code 202.


Info :

– It was a limted run of 500
– The identification code should read “BLMXZ” if it is real turboA.


Performance :

– Quarter mile @ mid to low 14’s
– Max speed reached 249 – 251km/h at stock.
– It was a fastest production car ever in Japan at year 88
– The output spec was 267.7ps/5,600rpm, torque of 36.5kg-m/4,400rpm

The difference between standard and turboA sawblades
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