Group A Race Car (Aus)

The Group A race car was Toyotas effort towards a Group A victory. However, with limited development and not fitting the category with the 3.0L litre engine the car was under powered and over weight to really challenge the leaders. It was forced to run the same ballast as the 5.0L V8s, which were producing significantly more power. The Supra has been estimated to have 450-500BHP which the V8, Nissan for Fords are all approximated around 600-800BHP. (If any one has proof of the power these cars made, please contact me).


In 1989 the Toyota Supra #31 entry was driven at Bathurst by John Smith and Drew Price as co-driver. The car failed on lap 35.



1990 the car was entered into the Australian Touring car championship as #15, driven by John Smith and run by Toyota Team Australia.

The car was also entered into the Tooheys 1000 at Mount Panorama, Bathurst. The car was entered as number #15 and had John Smith, Peter McKay and Mark Poole to get it around the very fast mountain course. The car stopped on lap 112.


The car was not entered into the Australian touring car championship and was entered into the Bathurst ‘Tooheys 1000’. Once again wearing #15 and this time with John Smith and Geoff Morgan as the drivers. The still suffered from gremlins and suffered a 3rd DNF at the mountain on lap 131.


The car was entered into a multi-class race weekend at Eastern Creek. Durring the race John Smith set a fastest lap for the race of 1:42.7743 approx 4 seconds per lap quicker than the competition. However, the reliablility nightmares continued with another DNF.


Jun 28th 2008: John the Supra entered into a GroupA race at Oran park. This time John was able to take a win in race #1 and finished second in race 2 and 3, while setting fastest laps in each race.

Sep 6th 2008: The reliability seemed to contine when the Supra was able to finish is 6th, 7th and 4th out of the very large Group A and C race of 39 cars.


Sep 3rd/4th 2011: Once again returning to the muscle car masters at Eastern Creek Smithy was able to show the potential of the Supra taking the win in race 1. Race 2 was not an easy race with John giving the lead to the GTR. In race 3 the Supra was set to take back the lead with the fastest lap of the race of 1:41.0129 but failed to finish with transmission issues.



2015 at the V8 Supercars event in Sydney. It was a support race to the supercars.

I’ll keep this updated as the car is still in use and will be racing. 🙂

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