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Unknown turboA spotted

Saw this car parked at the home maker center near gepps cross. I assume he/she works there as it was parked away from the stores.

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Other Supra Videos

These are videos of Supras, not necessarily 88/89 GroupA or TurboAs.

The old GroupA Supra from Japan. Appears to be a GroupA race in 1989 with the 1987/88 race car.
Features some great in car footage.

The 1987 Supra #37 of TOMs involved in a rather bizzare accident.
Looks like some kind of brake lock up or mechanical failure.



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Photo of the Group A

Stumbled across this yesterday, another great photo of the MA running some laps. I’m not sure where this was taken, perhaps Eastern creek (that was the last showing I know of).

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Another great Supra site

Heaps of very detailed stats of the GroupA racer, loads of photos of the race car, in and outside, plus if you have a question the guys that run that site are very knowledgeable on all things Supra and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help.

Check the index page is not working at the moment so use this link;

Here a few photos from

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Australian GroupA

Just found a few new photos of the 1989/1990 Toyota Supra Group A race car.


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Back online!

Welcome to, the only site dedicated to the 1988 Toyota Supra TurboA.

We are still getting things sorted with the new webpage so please bare with us.

If you have a turboA then please contact me!

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