Another TurboA on Japanese Auction

Thanks to Darren for pointing out this Japanese Yahoo auction.


“Ultra-rare car limited car MA70 Supra 3.0GT Turbo A 5F”
Milage : 58,000 km
Auction End time : 23:19 minutes December 23











“We have to deal with the responsibility for me because I get a secondhand dealer permit Okayama Prefecture Public Safety Commission. This Toyota Supra MA70. September 1988, October 2013, the first year of registration validity period inspection type is a very rare vehicle was limited at that time certainly 500 E-MA70. According to the owner, it was purchased in the shop is so surprised at how good the used car of about 70 Supra I had been looking for earlier. In spite of the model year is very clean exterior, with interior, does not appear to be a little rubbing sheets and leather shift knob, the handle of the interior in particular. I do not know before, I did not feel the smell of tobacco smoke is the current owner does not. Starting of the engine, insert the key without any problems racing Genuine Toyota, driving a sharp or sharp turbo would place such as still alive and well. Does not appear to be a modification of an engine or the like. Comes with turbo timer, ETC. It has been replaced the timing belt, I Noridaseru immediately after the name change because it remains inspection. I’ve heard for an exhibition you need to steep funds had been cherished as a second car in the garage storage. I’m somewhat longer distance because they ride without problems now. Also, please no claim, no return after delivery because it is an individual exhibition. Also, please ask before bidding if you have any questions. You can also check the current car, please purchase plan assumes only. Negotiating with a claim to the current car when the take-up after the auction or tender mischief of those who do not will not be able to purchase intention. Payment amount will be the highest bid fee + recycling recycling fee, so you are investigating. Highest bidder please arrange land transport contractor name change procedure. After it makes a successful bid is the highest bid payment, and delivery of the vehicle after the name change. Please contact us you can also ask for the name change because acquaintance Motors want to avoid problems during delivery. Since there are still testing, who can then quickly the change of ownership, payment thank you tender you can pay cash at once. Please pardon upon early termination of the sale, so we ask others. This time, there is an exhibition representative, please cooperate as soon as possible, so try dealings. I think that the question to ask question before you bid successfully to explain all of this vehicle because it is difficult. However, thank you questions such as the purchase intention will be judged not so obviously we have omitted the answer.”

“(Additional 35 minutes at 9:00, December 15, 2012)
has surprised on access than expected, we have a supplementary explanation so many questions. This vehicle is a vehicle of 24 years ago, I think dividing this vehicle lovers and’ve owned vehicle for enthusiasts still really only from its state of preservation. In addition, currently, less pain, such as a leather interior, there is no institution in particular trouble, and electrical system. I’m also well developed, so the timing belt has been replaced. The current owners before you buy, I wanted to take over as it is because it was a two-digit number 33 at the time, had to replace the license plate because it was purchased from outside the prefecture. I was told that the exterior is painted a clear history of accidents, not once had assessed once to buy car shop before it exhibits. This exhibition is advised but had acclaimed ones Bali in spite of the model year interior, better to try out the online auction and It is a good vehicle for enthusiasts such in store purchase is less likely with the absolutely made. I think you’ll come to those who know the purchase value of the vehicle. Thanks in advance.”

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