John Smiths 1989/1990 Race Car
This car was a road going TurboA until the proper car was sent from Japan half way through the 1989 production car season, when it was changed to a proper group A race car.

The car was raced in 1989 and 1990 by John smith, in 1989 with Toyota support then in 1990 as a privateer. The car was not built to meet the groupA guidelines and was never competitive as such – forced to run more weight than the competition around it, while developing less power at the same time – being the over 2.5L class.

Post racing days the car now belongs to John Smith and can be seen at various motor sport events – namely Eastern Creek with the muscle car masters. The car still runs the same stock boost as it did in 1989 and is very competitive as the same vintage cars of the era (Nissan GTRs and Ford Cosworths) have must reduced boost to prevent engine issues.

Check the race results page for more info on the actual results of this car.

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